Mexican Cooking Classes

Cocina Corazón's Mexican cooking classes will take you on a journey of flavors and aromas - simply a great cooking experience! Cooking at home creates emotional connections with our loved ones, and makes us feel better about ourselves. It is an art that allows us to be creative, gives us full control of what we eat everyday, and last but not least, saves us a lot of money.

Authentic Mexican cuisine cooking classes at Cocina Corazón include signature recipes, such as authentic Tamales, Chiles en Nogada, Mole Poblano and much more. Also, we offer more simple dishes, easy to cook, like Picadillo, Enchiladas (with different sauces), Tostadas, Salsas of all kinds, etc. If you believe in a more healthy diet, we have many options for you to choose. In essence, Cocina Corazón's cooking classes are tailored to your desire!

Wear your aprons!

  • 2-4 hour sessions - depending on the class type selection
  • Small groups from 4-8 people *minimum of 4 people
  • Main ingredients included *some could be used from your own pantry
  • Recipes will be provided for each guest – with shortcuts to save time! 😉
  • In-home cooking classes are by reservation only
  • Each session culminates in a full meal for you to enjoy at the end (or pack up for later)
  • Main cooking ingredients and utensils included
  • Drinks and/or music are encouraged!
  • Two weeks advance notice required
  • To hold your spot in the class, full deposit is required
  • We accept cash or checks
  • Sessions available in Colorado Springs and vicinity (Monument, Castle Rock, South Denver - extra fees may apply for these locations)

“Maybe it’s your birthday, perhaps you belong to a supper club, you need to bond with your family, or you just love a ladies night out with your best friends. Hosting and in-home cooking class is an amazing and original way to celebrate! Let yourself be seduced by the sophisticated flavors and textures of Mexican cuisine” .

-Barbara Santos-McAllister

Two options for your Mexican cooking classes!

Your Kitchen

Host a class in your kitchen!
You choose the date, the time, and the menu… I will arrive to show you the ropes!

My Kitchen

Sign up and come to my kitchen!
Check my calendar and choose one of my season’s classes on-site

In-Home Mexican Specialty Class

3 hr. 4-8 people $65.00 per person

Choose 1 specialty dish of your preference See Menu

Depending on the complexity of the dish you could choose from two to four additional small dishes - salsas, appetizer/salad, side dish and dessert See Menu

2-4 hr. on-site class, 4-8 people - $65.00 per person

To save your spot in our seasonal classes:
1) Click the class of your preference 2) Click the RSVP button 3) Fill the form and submit!

*We need a minimum of 4 people to hold a class*

Cocina Corazon's Promise

Through our cooking classes, you will learn how to prepare exquisite Mexican recipes you love, in a warm and relaxing environment… and have lots of fun!


Cocina Corazón can accommodate even the most difficult of schedules! Morning, afternoon and after work classes are all available (For weekends please contact us). As a courtesy, we require a minimum 7-day notice (by phone, please, in case I don’t catch the email) to reschedule any booked class. Please see our terms and conditions


YOUR KITCHEN - In-home Mexican cooking classes can be held in any home kitchen in Colorado Springs and vicinity (Monument, Castle Rock, South Denver *extra fees may apply for these locations). For out of state locations extra fees may apply as well.

MY KITCHEN - We also have seasonal Mexican cooking classes on-site in my kitchen (location will be provided to the participants a few days before our cooking session). To reserve your spot, select the class of your preference, click the RSVP button, then fill the form and submit!

Cooking with Barbara Santos
"Cooking is an artistic expression"
Mexican cooking classes
"'Chiles en Nogada’ cooking class in Colorado Springs"

NEW SERVICE! Personal Chef & Catering

Cocina Corazón now offers Personal Chef & Catering service. LEARN MORE:

Personal Chef


What To Expect

To ensure that you have the best experience during your Mexican cooking class, here is what you can expect from Cocina Corazón, and how best to prepare for your class:

You will choose and schedule the date and the time of your class, then select the type of class, and menu of your preference

When your session is confirmed by email, full payment is required to hold your spot. Please mail your payment to Cocina Corazon’s address before the cooking session day

I will be in touch by phone to introduce myself, assess the skill levels of your guests and answer questions. I will bring the main utensils and cooking equipment, but we might use some of yours as well

I will arrive at the appointed time with all the ingredients and main cookware needed. We will have an ice-breaker momento to introduce ourselves and spend a few minutes explaining the cooking process and safety tips, so everybody feels comfortable and relaxed during the session. In order to stick to the schedule, some recipes need to be prepared in advance. Drinks and/or music are encouraged!

Please make sure your kitchen is clean before the start of class. Also, during the class, we strive for a “clean-as-we-go” policy to keep the kitchen orderly during the session. Everyone helps, so you are left with a tidy kitchen at the end, minus any of the dinner dishes you’ll be eating from and any food vessels with leftovers. I will make sure that all equipment used during the class is cleaned before I leave.

We display our Golden Rules to keep everyone safe during the cooking session

  • Wash your hands (before and after cooking, going to the toilet, handling meats, sneezing, coughing, etc.)
  • Clean-as-we-go-policy
  • Wash utensils when shifting between ingredients
  • Report any allergies
  • Use gloves with ready-to-eat food or if you wear nail polish
  • Wear an apron during the cooking process
  • Be extra careful with the knives
  • Use potholders
  • Avoid wearing dangling jewelry during class
  • Keep long hair tied back
  • HAVE FUN!!!

As long as you can put a pot and a cutting board down (In the kitchen or dining room), we can always cook!

Mexican Enchiladas Class at Cocina Corazón
"Mexican enchiladas casserole –chicken in salsa verde and chicken in mole negro"
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