My love for the art of Mexican cooking

“Every story in my family started in our kitchen”

Barbara Santos practicing the art of Mexican cooking
“Mexican cooking is an art. It takes skills and a lot of passion”

I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember. I used to enjoy the aromas of my abuelitas’ kitchens, and when they prepared my favorite things, I would steal a little bit of this or a little bit of that before dinner was formally served. I can still see myself standing on a stool watching my mother practicing her Mexican cooking, mixing condiments, grinding seeds, stirring all types of sauces and creating all these fabulous Mexican dishes.

When I came home from school, I loved that the whole house was permeated by a wave of smells: cooked tomato sauce, pasta soup, or the pungent aroma of roasted chiles that would often made me cough. I used to be so intrigued about all these women in the family, conspiring in the kitchen, discussing the next meal or other comadres issues. I never really pursued the goal of becoming a professional cook, but it was always there, present in every stage of my life, running through my blood stream like a vital part of my DNA. Somehow every story started in our kitchen.

“As a mom and a wife, I enjoy cooking new and delicious recipes everyday”.

I moved from Mexico City to Colorado Springs on 2012. Cooking my family recipes at home keeps me connected with my beloved country. I am so proud to share my culture with my community and today, through Cocina Corazón, this is a dream come true.

The art of Mexican cooking is a combination of three key elements:

  • Consider Malcolm Gladwell’s rule that ten thousand hours is the magic number to master a skill
  • Add Anders Ericsson’s deliberate practice theory -maximize improvement throughout development toward expert performance
  • And last but not least, my own contribution to this formula: passion put in every task, and overcoming frustration through persistence.

These three elements together have helped me succeed and master my passion through the years (without even knowing this would become my career path). Cooking is therapy for me, a space where the best part of myself comes out. This is how I discovered that cooking was not only about preparing food to eat on a daily basis, but a true work of art… The art of cookingThis is how Cocina Corazón was conceived.

“Passion put in every task, and overcoming frustration through persistence”.

Why is cooking so soothing?

Mexican cocineras in traditional huipiles
“Tres Mexicanas”

Despite reminding us of home, it encourages creativity. And creativity triggers every button of goodness -a way of feeling better, a sense of belonging, acceptance and bonding. Cooking for people you care about –family and friends- is a way to get nurtured by their appreciation, a space for connecting and please them.

While stress can numb your senses, cooking activates them. It is a sensorial experience: beautiful aromas and tastes, a world of textures through touch, visual delight, and bubbling and hissing sounds.

Here are some reasons to learn and practice the art of Mexican cooking:

  • Control over family’s health. When you make your food, you get to choose every ingredient
  • Choice about where food comes from. If you feel especially strongly about serving your family high quality food – your own kitchen is the only place you can make this happen
  • Budget. Eating out is expensive! It’s amazing how much you save when you eat at home
  • Your friends and family will be SO impressed
  • Connect with family and friends. Cooking at home together and sitting to eat with your loved ones, creates an amazing connection
  • Mastering skills. The more you cook, the more confident you feel in the kitchen. And the same is true for your kids. If your child knows how to use a salad spinner and what ingredients go into a guacamole. As he gets older, I believe his experiences in the kitchen will come in handy – and maybe he’ll be making YOUR dinner one day!
  • Mexican cooking is kind of hot. Wear that sexy apron. Cooking could be such a sensual experience. Cooking your partner’s favorite food or even cooking together would absolutely enhance the moment and will get you closer
  • Kids eat healthier. Whenever we eat out, our kids are guaranteed to order a grilled cheese or macaroni & cheese. They never, ever stray from these choices. At home, we make a wide variety of foods which they usually eat (sometimes even without complaining), and they are much more open to trying new things in the comfort of our own kitchen
  • You can finally stop buying instant food! Start eating healthy and delicious. Book a cooking class now and discover the art of Mexican cooking!