A feast of Mexican edible bugs! 

Grasshoppers, ant larvae, or maguey worms? Yes please!

Chapulines - grasshoppers
Grasshoppers – chapulines

Would you dare to try some of the most exotic edible bugs from Mexico’s pre-hispanic cuisine? Maybe they don’t look that appealing and actually they can even look gross at the first sight, but believe me they are really tasty! In Mexico, edible bugs are part of our cultural heritage from ancient times. The Aztecs used to eat them in many different ways and they were a main source of protein and nutrients.

There’s a bug in my soup! Yes, and it’s yummie!

Gusanos de maguey - stink worms
Maguey worms

When you think of a taco, probably the least ingredient you want in there is a worm. But gusanos de maguey – maguey worms – are one of the most exquisite flavors and textures of our Mexican cuisine. They have a salty flavor and a crispy consistence. Just add a little bit of guacamole and a nice spicy salsa, and the results will be delightful! Maguey worms come from Hidalgo, Mexico, but you can find them almost anywhere in central Mexico.

Grasshoppers, ant larvae, scorpions, stink bugs, and worms are few of the edible bugs you can try.

Chapulines – grasshoppers –  are my favorite insect! Just think, if we eat chicken, cow, pork and all types of other animals, we should give a chance to these small delicious creatures. Grasshoppers are one of the most amazing appetizers in our Mexican cuisine. Enjoy them fried with a bit of minced garlic, chopped onion and a squirt of fresh lime in a corn tortilla. Just add a couple of avocado slices and you will be gladly surprised! For me they taste like chicharrón – pork rinds.

If you are thinking about trying edible bugs, you can start slowly, with some of the most popular ones

Ant larvae - edible insects
Escamoles – ant larvae

Escamoles or Ant Larvae are simply beautiful and one of the most traditional in Mexico. They are typically harvested from the base of maguey or agave plants and, of course, are considered the Mexican caviar! If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you absolutely need to try this dish. The taste is fine, slightly sweet and delicate to the palate. They can go in tacos or tostadas as well, and paired with citrus and veggies. Other insect options are Jumiles – stink bugs, Hormiga Chicatana – ants, Ahuatle – mosquito eggs, Alacrán – scorpion, and Tarantulas.


Grasshopper taco - chapulines
A. Bourdain eating a bug-taco

Best chefs around the world love the taste of  Mexican edible bugs!


Edible scorpions - alacranes
Alacranes – scorpions


If you have tried bugs before, now you are ready to take the next step into a more daring challenge – eating scorpions or even tarantulas. Honestly I am not there yet, but I am preparing myself for my next trip to Mexico and have a feast of bugs! Remember Mexican edible bugs are more healthy and nutritious than any other animal.

Nowadays you can find energy bars, chocolates, or ice cream made with insects, so the culture of edible bugs is growing fast! Take a look at Bugible website and see how you can eat bugs these days and get all the health benefits. Buen provecho!

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